Friday, February 4, 2011

The Two New Orioles: How Do They Change the Roster?

The Orioles Continue to make moves this off-season. I cannot tell you how excited I am to watch this team play come Spring Training.

-Justin Duchscherer has now officially signed with the Orioles for a guaranteed contract of 700K, although based on certain clauses this could escalate up to 4.5Mil. To make the full 4.5Mil he will need to start 30+ games, something he never has done and most likely will not start to do in his early 30's. He should be a solid #2 or #3 starter for the O's if he can stay healthy. I expect him to slot behind Guthrie on opening day.

Here is my projected pitching staff for the beginning of the season:


-I expect Tillman and Britton to be in AAA, although they will certainly get a chance to fight for the final two -spots in the rotation. The only 3 spots that are locked would be Guthrie, Duchscherer, and Matusz.

-Vlad Guerrero has agreed to a contract with the Orioles today for 1 year, 8Mil. Of course people are going to complain and say the Orioles outbid themselves. But honestly, the past failures of this team set themselves up for that. They are going to have to pony up to get all the players they are interested in. I am ecstatic about this deal. Yea, they could have gotten him most likely for a few Mil less, but its worth it paying more in my opinion. Vlad will be a spark and a TRUE cleanup batter, something that the Orioles have lacked for a while.

-Im going to post the same lineup I envisioned earlier when I speculated about the Orioles signing Vlad.

Roberts 2B
Markakis RF
Lee 1B
Guerrero DH
Scott LF
Reynolds 3B
Jones CF
Wieters C
Hardy SS


(I assume Reimold would be traded or sent to AAA with a Vlad Signing)

-I could still see the Orioles trading Reimold or Pie. I've also heard the possibility of Luke Scott getting traded, although I feel as if that may be unlikely (It's really more of a fan rumor). The Orioles did just sign Randy Winn to a minor league deal though, so it is not odd for people to wonder.

-The Orioles have done a hell of a job this off-season in my opinion. Let's be honest and say that NO big time free agents are going to come to Baltimore until we prove we can win. But AM still has put together a formidable team in my opinion. February could not end any sooner for me! Bring on Spring Training.

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