Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ryan Adams: Let Him Play

Brian Roberts is expected to be out at least 2-3 weeks. Thus, the Orioles called up Ryan Adams to take his roster spot. It seems to me that the Orioles plan to split playing time with Adams and Robert Andino at 2nd base. I would argue however that Ryan Adams  should be given the next few weeks to prove he can play at the major league level.

-Adams was one of those players that moved through the Orioles system slowly, making a stop at every level. He was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2006 draft. At age 24, it seems time for him to prove his worthiness at the major league level. Adams could be the potential replacement for the ailing Brian Roberts; Permanently. It seems that with Roberts continuing to shows signs of regression, that the Orioles may need to consider a permanent fixture for the void of Roberts. I think Adams could be this guy.

Adams has been fairly consistent throughout his minor league career
His AVG over the past 4 years:
2011: .303 (so far)
2010: .298
2009: .288
2008: .308

-His OBP has been just as consistent, ranging from .349-.373 over the past 4 seasons. (Stats Taken From Baseball Reference )
-It seems to indicate that Adams bat is ready for the show, and what better time is it to give him a shot then now. His defense has been his biggest blunder throughout his career, but to me that is not such a big deal. Fielding is easier to teach a player than hitting at the major league level.

-The man standing in his way however, is Robert Andino. I personally like Andino as well, but I see him as  more of a utility guy over his career. He is also already 27 years old and really does not show much power and gap skills. I think Roberts could turn into a solid #2 type hitter, although he most certainly would end up batting at the bottom of the lineup for the time being. I know Buck loves Andino because as of now he is the only leadoff type of hitter we have (Felix Pie has led off as well, but been pretty ineffective).

-Overall, I am taking a "why not" approach to this scenario. If the Orioles really view Adams as a long term asset, then they will give him playing time.

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