Thursday, September 22, 2011

Matt Angle: What is Their Value?

It's been a long time since my last blog post (A really long time).

I want to discuss the value of OF Matt Angle in the future. He has been getting substantial playing time in the latter part of the 2011 season.

Through 81 plate appearances, Matt Angle only has a wOBA of .268 . That is not exactly the kind of number you want from an Angle type of player. His biggest asset is clearly his speed. He essentially has minimal power (think of a lesser Brett Gardner). But the speed will not be efficiently used if he cannot find his way on base. Once he is one base though, he is practically a speed demon (10/11 SB so far in the MLB). I know that 81 plate appearances is a small number, but he will have to show a lot more in the next week or so to impress the organization. The biggest worry I have with Angle is that his wOBA has dropped each season, and every level up. While a standard drop is usually accurate, these drops are somewhat startling:

Year   Class    wOBA    PA  
2007     A-       .402     287
2008     A         .362     478
2009     A+       .345    478
2010     AA       .410     70
2010     AAA    .304    399
2011     AAA    .328    489
2011     MLB    .268      81

I still think Angle can be a reasonable 4th OF, but that is about it. He certainly is an asset in the OF defensively, and can be a great pinch runner. However, those assets can be replaceable by an incoming free agent or waiver pickup. Next season in spring training could be a very important time for the career path of Matt Angle.

(All stats were taken from Fangraphs)

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