Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Possible Positional Player Targets for 2012

As the season winds down, it becomes time to put on the GM cap. While the Orioles have shown much improvement this September, there is still a lot of work to be done for this team to be competitive year long.

I want to discuss a few names that I think the Orioles should target. I am going to stay away from the Prince Fielder and CJ Wilson types, as practically every team could use or want players of that stature.

David Dejesus: Dejesus would be an excellent addition to the Orioles squad in 2012. While the 32 year old slumped in Oakland this season, he has a career OBP of .356. The Orioles should be in the market for a top of the order hitter such as Dejesus, who can get on base for the big power bats of Reynolds, Jones and Hardy (who should be batting lower in the order). Dejesus probably will not cost that much to bring in since his batting line this season was only .240/.323/.376. Regardless if Dejesus is on a decline, he still would be a better fixture than Matt Angle as the 4th OF or as a starting LF. The only problem is figuring out what to do with Luke Scott and Nolan Reimold. One could obviously DH.

Coco Crisp: Crisp is almost like Dejesus, as he would be a top of the order batter. While he only has a career OBP of .330, he still would give the Orioles that dose of speed that they severely lacked at the top of the order all year. He has tallied 49Stolen bases this year (58 attempts, 84%) . While he would probably not run that much in Baltimore, it would still be a strong asset for them.

Michael Cuddyer: Cuddyer would be a great addition to the Orioles if they could get him on a 2 or 3 year deal while not severely overpaying. His career OBP is .343, while this year he is a little above that at .349. However, Cuddyer has a few other positive assets that make me even more excited about the idea of bringing him in. He can play 1st, OF, DH and has even played 2nd and 3rd in recent years. I just like the flexibility that Cuddyer would bring to the Orioles. Another thing that I like about him is extra base power. Cuddyer can hit anywhere between 25-35 doubles with 15-25 HR's any given year.Finally, Cuddyer has a career BABIP of .306, which has not varied much in his career. He is about as consistent as you can get, besides the aberration 32 HR season he had.

While these guys may not be top tier additions, they provide the Orioles with better options than they currently have. You could argue that signing any of these guys would reduce the time of Nolan Reimold, but the front office should not be worried about that. Make Nolan earn his playing time in spring training and early next season.

(Stats taken from Baseball Reference)


  1. Do you not feel that Reimold has earned some respect with his play the past few months? Reimold should be a everyday starter for the Orioles in 2012. The numbers back up my claim...

    Reimold Oriole Ranks (amongst regulars)

    OBP - 4th highest (.004 from 2nd)
    OPS - 5th highest (.013 from 2nd)
    AB/HR - 3rd highest (only behind Hardy and Reynolds)
    RC27 - highest (means he creates the most runs on the team per 27 outs)

    Main Point: Why replace a cheap (~400k) and productive Reimold with an expensive free agent that offers equal or lesser production?

  2. I think he has shown that he can be a productive everyday player. But they should not just hand him the job. Besides, just because they bring in one of those players does not mean that Reimold will not get playing time. Reimold could still DH, and even play LF. I'm a proponent of trading Luke Scott (guess I probably should have added that above). I don't exactly think any 3 of these players would block Reimold from playing if he continued to put up substantial numbers.

    Solid point though, you really cannot complain with Reimold showing that he does deserve an everyday role.
    It wouldn't hurt having Crisp or Dejesus as depth though (I like Dejesus more for this team to be honest and Crisp has already stated he wants to play with a contending team)

  3. Very fair points. I would like to see Scott gone as well. I'm still very concerned that Showalter doesn't see the value Reimold brings everyday. Even some of the Orioles beat writers don't realize how productive Reimold has been this year. Dejesus at the right price would be very good for the Orioles

  4. Reimold does indeed have sneaky good numbers. I guess the biggest mystery is how he will do over the entire season (which is why a Dejesus signing would be a good insurance policy).

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