Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Looking For A Writer

   Over the past two years, I have put an enormous amount of heart and effort into the EntreprenOriole Blog. It originally was started as a spot where I could jot down my opinions and ideas on the current events happening within the Orioles organization. After a year or so it grew, and I became much more engraved into the blog. I like to think that over the past year I have written some of  my best work. The reason is because I truly love the game of baseball and the Orioles.

   I am now looking for someone else who truly loves the baseball and the Orioles. The blog is often a tedious playground, as a good post takes a lot of time and effort. However, it is well worth it when all is said and done. I only have a few requirements for any potential writer:

- Must have a love for the game of baseball.
- Must have a clear understanding of the game and all rules (including the business aspect).
- Must be statistically inclined or knowledgeable in some aspect.
- Must be active with Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter.
- (Optional) Must Have an Understanding or a following of the minor leagues and their prospects (GCL to AAA)

   I would love to bring in someone who could help grow the EntreprenOriole. It has been a great pleasure writing and growing the blog on my own, but I would greatly welcome another to help. It would also be an opportunity to get your work out there. There will be no "minimal amount of posts" per week or month. If you do a good job writing and help the fan-base learn, then that is absolutely enough.

You can reach me by:
 Email: tuckerblair89@yahoo.com
 Direct Messaging me on Twitter: @tuckerblair89

I look forward to the addition of a talented writer in the future.

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