Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 WAR Recap (6/18/12)

   I've put together a list of rWAR and fWAR for all Orioles players brought in during the 2012 season. Also on the list are all players that were either traded, released or claimed off waivers.

Total= Trade:IN + Trade:OUT + Free Agent:IN - Free Agent:OUT

 Clearly the big winner from the 2012 off-season is pitching. So far the new faces in the pitching staff have given the Orioles 5.2 fWAR and 6.8 rWAR. While Duquette did a great job with pitching, the offensive cast he brought in has been simply average. However, the Players they made up for from last year have not played significant roles. Luke Scott was average at best before his DL stint and Vlad Guerrero has not played in the majors yet and currently is a free agent.

   Overall, the off-season moves have been impressive so far. Even the Dana Eveland trade has proven to be useful so far. Although, Jarret Martin does enter today as 2nd in the Midwest League with 73 K's. However, he is 22 years old and still in Low-A. I wasn't too impressed with giving him up for Eveland this off-season, but the value is probably equal at this rate, especially if Eveland can continue to be valuable as a long-man and occasional spot-starter if necessary. It's been beaten to death by now, but the Randy Henry for Taylor Teagarden deal looks worse and worse by the day. Henry has been one of the most dominant pitchers in the Carolina League. That being said, Duquette was very successful with the Guthrie trade, made equal return with the Eveland and Jai Miller trades, and lost out on the Teagarden trade. Not too bad of a scenario when looking at the big picture.

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