Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dedicating A Song To Each Orioles Affiliate

   Kevin Goldstein did a fun piece using a Pixies song for a bunch of prospects. If you happen to listen to the Pixies like myself, then let me say that each song fit the given prospect perfectly. After further thought, I thought it would be a great idea to label each Orioles affiliate with a song of my choice.

Delmarva Shorebirds- William Elliot Whitmore "Let The Rain Come In"

Delmarva has seen quite a few promotions this season. Johnny Ruettiger, Justin Dalles, Dylan Bundy, Tyler Wilson, all have moved on from the Shorebirds already. Thus, the team has seen a big drop-off in talent and performance. This song by WEW describes rain allowing the crops to grow, and I think that could relate to the Orioles letting their prospects grow here before moving on.  And once the prospect has grown they do indeed move on to Frederick and beyond.

And let it be known
That this place was not my home

Frederick Keys- Fugazi "Waiting Room"

This team has a bunch of players that seem to have 1) Fallen out of favor with the organization 2) Have not moved very fast through the system. It also is the "median" in the system in terms of stops along the way to Baltimore. When a player gets to Frederick they are largely playing the waiting game. Players such as Dylan Bundy and Manny Machado are going to skip by, but some simply have to wait there. Ty Kelly is a great example of that. The final part of  "Waiting Room" couldn't be more perfect
I won't make the same mistakes
Because I know how much time that wastes
Function is the key

Bowie Baysox- Murder By Death "Sometimes The Line Walks You

Bowie has two of the Orioles biggest prospects in Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop. They also are struggling when you look at it from a numbers standpoint. However, these two players have never really felt this frustration or had much failure in their young careers. It's important to remember that sometimes the line does walk you. They were bound to have some failure along the road.
I've taken a hit or two
I've given quite a few
I swing my fists and the cities all fall
They sure have done that if you think of the cities as opposing pitchers in the lower minors. But as the song suggests, they've taken some hits as well. The ending fits fairly well also:
the dogs are comin' swift and mean
but I'm hungrier than they have ever been

Norfolk Tides- Tom Waits "Virginia Avenue"

This song is literally perfect for the Tides. The 2012 Tides team consists mostly of veteran players whom have seen better days, been at higher places, and probably made more money. The club is also near the bottom of the standings, but that doesn't mean they can't dream about higher times. Virginia Avenue essentially illustrates the same picture.

I found this excerpt on Virginia Avenue:
Virginia Avenue is the old main street of Reno, Nevada. At one time (1940s-1960s) Harold's Club was the biggest casino in Reno. By the time this song was written, Harold's was pretty run down and right nearby was a Greyhound bus station and a pretty notorious skid row where a number of transients were known to have had a sip or two of cheap wine. The narrator of the song seems to have made a stop there.

The cheap wine could be relative to the veteran players the Orioles have stockpiled in Norfolk. While a few of them had great Careers such as Miguel Tejada, they are run down now. Very similar o the description of Harold's Club.

Baltimore Orioles- Built To Spill "Happiness"

The Orioles have shocked the world so far in 2012. Yet people still are getting overworked about the little things. Remember coming into this season that majority would have been happy if the Orioles even sniffed .500. Well, as of now they are doing just that. In fact, they are doing a little more than just .500. Will it continue? I don't know, nor am I going to lose any sleep over it. Enjoy the success while it continues to last. "Happiness" by Built To Spill is essentially saying the same thing. 

"happiness will only happen when it can"


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